Thursday, 10 March 2016

Homework Writing Challenge - The Winner

As part of our homework over half-term, the children were asked to write a short story based on a photograph they were given.

All of the entries were fantastic!  However, one story stood out above the rest.  We hope you enjoy it. 
Well done to Frankie in Year 5.


Let me tell you a little story about a Tortoise called Sheldon. From how he went from house pet to the White house. Let’s set the scene the year is 1945 and the allied forces are closing in on the capital of Germany, Berlin! In a secret lab, German scientists had been making a one of a kind time travelling machine to travel back in time to win the war. However, as the bombs drop overhead they rushed to keep it hidden from the allies. So, they built into the shell of a Tortoise, and that tortoise was Sheldon!

As the scientists finished a large explosion ripped through the lab as a bomb made a direct hit. As the smoke cleared in the rubble an American soldier, who was searching the lab, spotted Sheldon out of the corner of his eye. Scooping him up to safety in his bag along, with top secret papers that were lying around, he then headed back to his platoon.

The war was won. The soldiers went home. Sheldon returned safely home with the soldier where he lived for many years; until the soldier became old and was too ill to look after Sheldon. So, he handed Sheldon and his chest of army treasures over to his grandson, Jimi. Jimi cared for Sheldon for many years not knowing about the amazing treasures Sheldon carried around with him. Until one day Jimi came home from his job and saw that his house had been ransacked by top secret agents of the German army who had also been following him for many weeks. As Jimi checked the damage it looked like they had been searching for Sheldon. But why, this doesn’t make any sense he questioned himself. He picked Sheldon up wondering what they would want in an old slow tortoise like Sheldon. As he stared at Sheldon he noticed his granddads ancient chest that he had left him along with Sheldon. Maybe the answer could be in here he asked himself?

Jimi excitedly searched through the old rusty chest, rustling about between old medals and photos he noticed a file that stated top secret. As he read he discovered that the Germans planned to travel back in time to win the war.