Monday, 22 February 2016

Year 6 Road Safety Play

Our Year 6 pupils became investigators as they pieced together clues and listened to witness statements from the scene of a tragic road traffic accident. A friend of the deceased and the driver of the car both gave their version of the how a young boy had been run over; however, we soon discovered that they each had a part to play in the events which led to this fatality.

The production reminded us all of the importance of road safety and the possible dangers and consequences of not paying attention when using the roads: listening to music; playing around with friends next to the road; kicking footballs in or near the road; using mobile phones when crossing zebra crossings or the road; cycling irresponsibly and not checking for oncoming traffic could all lead to avoidable accidents. Thank you to 'The Riot Act' for reminding us of this important message.

Always remember to stop, look and listen and keep yourself safe.