Friday, 23 October 2015

Why is Britain Great?

As part of 'Why Britain Is Great' week, children in Years 5 and 6 were asked to think about what makes Britain Great for their homework. Children were given the option to present their ideas in any way they wanted within a 60 second time limit. The children had some wonderful ideas and presented them with confidence. Below are just two of the presentations which explain why our children think Britain is great.

"I think Britain is great because we have a great history of writers and inventors such as William Shakespeare and Alexander Graham Bell. We have held many great events such as the 2012 Olympics and the annual London marathon. The royal family brings many visitors from around the world, giving Britain the chance to show off our culture and for us to encounter cultures from all around the world. Britain has beautiful countrysides for all to enjoy. There are many places for families to visit and generally speaking, Britain is a safe place to live. We are extremely charitable and as well as helping ourselves, we have a great reputation for helping countries in need to aid. As a result of all of this, I'm proud to be British!" Mia

"Great Britain
Britain is a great place to be,
Because we have the royal family.
Queen Elizabeth is our nation's reign,
But the weather here is worse than Spain!
Big Ben, London Bridge and Monument the tourists flock to see,
I think they have more history than the Statue of Liberty!
The British pound is our currency,
We don't want no Euro bureaucracy!
Fish and chips is out nation's meal,
We don't want any expensive veal!
Hello and goodbye we say,
We love a bit of 'Hip Hip Hooray'!
Thank you for listening to me say,
Great Britain is the best place to stay!" Eden