Friday, 18 September 2015

Year 6: If God was a...

In RE, Year 6 looked at the qualities of God across all religions. We then had a go at writing our own metaphors about God, thinking about words that we can use to describe Him. Below are just some of the metaphors we came up with:

"If God was a flower, He would be a sunflower because He shows you the light, brightens your life and makes you happy." Megan

"If God was a piece of jewellery, He would be a diamond necklace because He is precious, pure and stunning." Connie

"If God was a piece of clothing, He would be a shawl because when you are feeling unhappy or alone, He will put His loving arms around you." Hannah

"If God was the weather, He would be the sun because He brightens up the world." Ryan

"If God was a drink, He would be a fruit smoothie because it's refreshing and has all the best bits." Joe